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Msean Art voted Maui's Top Local Rated Artist

Msean Art voted Maui's Top Local Rated Artist

Lahaina, Hawaii United States


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12/08/2020 by Russell Militello, The Top Rated Artists Review

Top Local Rated artist of the year, Michael Sean Degnan is chosen to exhibit his art at the Gallery Rafael, 819 Front Street, Lahaina, Hi 96761.

Lahaina, Hawaii – Award winning artist Michael Sean Degnan, known in the art world as Msean, announced today that his Hawaiian series of art has been selected for an ongoing exhibition at Gallery Rafael. Known for island art, Gallery Rafael has long been the top destination in Maui for art enthusiast to view and buy original art from the world’s renowned artists that specialize in capturing the unique tone of this island paradise.

The Msean was chosen from a long list of famous and aspiring living artists. “His Island Series of work captures the true spirit of our island”, says Rafael, the gallery’s owner. "His work is inspired by his five year journey to find self through the culture of Hawaii’s people and natural island environment. He is a master of so many mediums."  A unique culmination of locals and millions of tourists, Maui offers a diverse multitude of people, attitudes, and stories. Add to this, the backdrop of the island’s stunning land and seascape, and you have an artist’s dream environment. Msean used his five year journey through the Hawaiin culture to create a unique prospective on Island Art. "I started by painting landscapes, as every angle produced yet another breath taking scene to look at. Then I gravited to capturing the people and mood of this tropical oasis.", says Msean of his artistic journey. 

Msean, known for his use of multi-mediums and unique techniques, captures imagination on everything from canvas to sculptures, from oil and ink to metal, wood and glass. Even occasionally pieces of local garbage find their way into unique expressions of what Msean senses. His paintings have been described as a mixture of Picasso, Monet and Dali with a twist of renaissance, all shaken up with a splash of pop culture. What strikes the art enthusiast is his varying techniques, mediums, and subject matter. There is something for all the discrete art tastes.

Perhaps the most fitting way to some up why Msean is taking the art world by storm is his quote of why he must create art…

“…everything I see, feel, taste, smell, drives my senses into a maddening frenzy that can only be calmed by my passion to create an artistic rendering of my inner turmoil. I find my peace in this process of creation. Like a circular motion, my senses again and again and again run wild in the cacophony that surrounds me. I am driven to once again create art. I must to keep sane.”

                            …the art of a Madman


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