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      • DWI Defense is all we do. We get results.
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Wisner & Wisner, The DWI Defense Attorneys, have a law practice devoted solely to representing the citizen accused of Alcohol Influenced Operating Offenses. Our practice is DWI Defense, Vehicular Crimes, and Appellate Advocacy. Together, our lawyers have sixty-five years of trial experience and is one of the most experienced DWI defense teams in the state.

What sets us apart:

-DWI Defense is all we do. It’s all we have done for 18 + years. We don't handle family law, real estate or personal injury cases. We don’t even handle other criminal cases.

-65 years of trial experience. We get results. We aren’t plea lawyers. We handle each case as though it is going to trial and we are prepared to do it.

-We have handled several DWI homicide cases. The most complex and difficult DWI cases to defend.

-We have a former Homicide Bureau Chief: the top prosecutor of the Monroe County District Attorney's Office.

-First lawyer in New York State to be trained at the factory on the BAC Datamaster® and the Datamaster DMT™, the most widely used breath testing machines in New York.

-One of the first lawyers in New York State to be certified in the administration of, and as an Instructor, in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

-One of upstate New York’s most experienced appellate advocates: a former New York Supreme Court Appellate Division Judge.

-The first New York law firm to own the BAC Datamaster, Alco-Sensor IV, and the Breathalyzer. This allows the law firm to replicate testing of clients and challenge the machine.

-We handled the first Leandra’s Law case in Rochester, New York. Recent legislation making a misdemeanor DWI offense a felony because a child was in the vehicle.

-Our law firm successfully challenged the electronic filing of calibration records from the New York State Police resulting in a change in how breath test documents are delivered to prosecutors statewide.

-Judge Wisner has been the trial lawyer, trial judge or appellate judge in over one hundred reported New York DWI cases.

-Superlawyers®. One of only a few lawyers recognized by this peer review association for DWI Defense in Upstate New York.

-Martindale Hubble® Rated distinguished by peer review ratings.

-Rated A + by the Better Business Bureau and highly by Avvo.

-Clients are represented by partners of the law firm; the most experienced attorneys. Not associates or junior lawyers.

-Law firm maintains one of the largest libraries of calibration and repair records for breath testing machines in New York.

-Has access to investigators, nursing staff and experts to review file and testify in the defense of client.

-Flat fees and payment plans available. We also will not charge a ridiculous fee to be represented by our most experienced trial lawyers.

-Our lawyers have never been arrested, disciplined, fired, or sanctioned.

The legal system is trying on any client. Often a client lacks the fortitude to go to court for months until a judge or jury renders a verdict in their case. They want to give up and believe it is impossible. We applaud those with the courage to see the case to trial and appreciate those who share their journey.


Dear Mr. Wisner,

I wanted to thank you for all your assistance and success as my lawyer. Though my actions reflected a man of poor choices, you persevered for my sake. I wanted to thank you for enabling me to have a second chance to show that I am a responsible, dedicated man and that I can overcome alcoholism. In spite of that you have my gratitude for believing in me and frankly keeping me out of jail. I have chosen to live a different path, instead of throwing my life down the drain. I understand the consequences of being an alcoholic behind the wheel and I am determined that this will never happen again and I look forward to a new start in life.

Much appreciation,


Dear Attorney Wisner:

To simply say thank you, absolutely never seems to be adequate, no matter how sincerely that expression of gratitude is felt. Regardless, I do appreciate the time and effort you and your staff provided to my son. He was essentially alone and so far away from home. I know no one in Rochester. It was through the efforts of a childhood friend, a New York City Attorney that allowed me to contact your office. You called me back immediately and I thank you.

Unfortunately my "only son, my child" found himself falsely accused of legal crimes which could have distroyed his potential for a successful future and even his life. It is because of your expertise and your very kind considerations that my son will be allowed to pursue his dreams. He still has a chance for a promising future. Thank you.

With most sincere respect,
DB, M.D.


Dear Mr. Wisner,

I want to thank you for accepting me as your client. I feel like if I did not have you as a lawyer things would not have gone the way they did. I appreciate your understanding and diligence with my case. I am happy to refer anyone I know who may need a lawyer to you.

Thank you again and I hope that you continue to have success with your business.


Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Wisner & Wisner, LLP
110 Linden Oaks Drive
Rochester, New York 14625